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Wellsford Promotions Association Inc, mainly covers (but not limited to) the area from the top of the Dome to the northern reaches of the Auckland Council regional border, Coast to Coast.
On the East Coast, Pakiri, to Te Arai (including the Lakes) and on the West Coast, Tauhoa, to Birds Beach and to Ross Road in the North.
Areas include Tomarata, Te Hana, Wharehine, Port Albert, Whangaripo Valley, Pakiri Block road, Matakana Valley Road, Run Road, Journeys End, Wayby Valley, Wayby Station, Springhill, Waiteitei, Silver Hill & Kaipara Coast Highway.


Wellsford Promotions endeavours to promote the best interests of the members and the region through interaction with statutory bodies such as Auckland Council (and others) at all levels and offering the opportunity to every person living in the region the ability to have input with the aim to see Wellsford prosper.


The association meets officially the first Tuesday of the month at 5.30pm at the RSA and unofficially, regularly and randomly for coffee, at one of the many coffee shops in town, or maybe at a members home.
We are a friendly rural/urban group, with the interest of our community at heart and welcome new members.


Stef Railey ~ President 

09 423 7642

021 954 241



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