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Survey about Broadband
Let them know how Good...or Bad yours is.

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Wellsford Greenways Plan

View here or go to Wellsford Library to look at the Greenways Plan


Shape Auckland (closes 17th August)


Tell us how halls and reserves should be managed in Rodney


2014 Rodney draft Local Board Plan

Wellsford Promotions, is doing all we can as volunteers, to be heard by Council.
We cannot stress enough how important it is for us to hear from




Seal Rodney Roads

Legislation governing your Council

(An interesting read if you have the time)


To assist everyone we will be putting ideas up here on the things people think are important, please EMAIL US what YOU think is important.
We'll put your ideas up here, this is YOUR opportunity to be heard.


Some ideas to us so far ....what do you think?

* Seal our rural roads which have high traffic counts, are school bus routes, have dust/health contra-indications
* Don't sell the Corry block, keep it for green spaces for future use
* Don't sell the Old Wellsford Library, it belongs to the Community
* Wellsford Promotions would like to be involved in the management of the Old Wellsford Library
(The OWL)
To facilite Clubs, Businesses etc in the district to prosper and help bring the community together while providing a local voice to Auckland Council.
* Safe walkways and cycleways
* Footpath from Te Hana to Wellsford
* Culvert and Grass UNSAFE OPEN DRAINS on road sides in Te Hana
* Buzzer on pedestrian crossing in Wellsford, to reduce the stop/starting of traffic flow
* Remedy the slippery pavers between the top four square and the butchers shop